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Turn your casual hours to profit with Marketagent. Each one of us often finds himself in front of a monitor looking at silly memes or cat videos. But, what if you can turn such time into some extra income? What if we said you can make some good money by simply answering some questions? I am sure a lot of people are familiar with the paid surveys niche, but not a lot of you have probably heard of Marketagent.

Registration: FREE; You will receive 150 points (1.5 €) for registration.
Participation: From 10 to 250 points/Survey
Refer a Friend Program: Yes
Minimum payout: 200 points (2€ ~ 2,4$)
Payment solutions: Paypal
Accepted Countries: Romania, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Belgium, United States of America, United Kingdom, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Norway, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Ireland, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile

Though not well-known, the site is not new by any means. It has been running for more than 5 years and it has slowly expanded itself. Right now, the site claims to have a total of 730 thousands users and to conduct approximately 1000 surveys in a year. This means that you will have a good amount of opportunities to participate even if your time is limited.

It is important to note that Marketagent is only available in certain countries (almost all the European countries, the United States, Canada and Australia). This is due to their researchers being interested mostly in these markets. Let us hope that the site will grow even more in the future and expand its interest to the other countries!

What makes Marketagent different from other paid-survey sites?

Making money online through surveys has been an option for a lot of time. There are a lot of such sites on the net that claim to help your pockets get fat. So, it is normal to ponder why would Marketagent be different from them! And, if it is so, what exactly is different?


When trying to make money online, this is definitely the first thing that needs to be checked. A lot of sites promise to make you the new Bill Gates in the nick of time. Yes, a lot of scams that is! But, this is not the case with Marketagent. The site has a 4.7 rating in Netbusinessrating with lots of positive reviews and payment proofs. There is no better evaluation than checking the opinions of other users like yourself and Marketagent passes this exam with flying grades.

Earning possibilities

Marketagent does not promise you any riches and impossible dreams. The focus here is on making just some extra money in a fun and easy way. Still, the possibilities offered are more than in your usual paid survey site.

Except the normal money from completing a survey, you also get paid for inviting friends or for getting new users through their referral program. The site functions through a point-rewarding system. 100 points equal to 1.12 US dollars. Each survey pays a different amount of points depending on the time needed to finish it. This ranges from 10 to 250 points. Even registering gives you 150 points. With the payout being as low as 200 points or 2.4 US dollars, after just joining, you will be almost at the threshold for your first reward.

The payment is done through PayPal. Both these possibilities are easy to setup and extremely secure. You also have the option to donate your earnings to different charity programs. This way, your empty hours suddenly become a rewarding time for you or people-in-need.

Fun and secure

The surveys are often on interesting innovations in different areas of interest. These topics are well-liked and fun to participate. As the site itself says, you will determine the trends and products of tomorrow.

The data you enter is secure and will be strictly confidential. All researchers are liable to any information leakage that can damage the participant in any way. In its long history, Marketagent has never had a privacy-infringement issue.

In conclusion, if you desire to make your casual hours more productive, Marketagent is the right place for you. Earn money in an easy and fun way for yourself or make a difference by donating it!