InboxPounds Review 2019

Advantages of making money with paid surveys

There are endless possibilities on the Internet. Outside the traditional forms for earning money online such as copywriting and selling products taking paid surveys can be a really good side income, you can do this activity from the comfort of your home. Working online gives the users flexibility of movement, as there are no schedules to respect. This means you can organize tasks and your working hours according to your convenience. Perhaps the biggest and most attractive feature is the fact that there is no investment. All that is required is a computer, tablet or phone with a good internet connection. This makes an opportunity for people to make money from the comfort of your home. There is little effort required when you are taking paid surveys, and it’s safe and easy way to earn money from home.


General information about InboxPounds

InboxPounds is a reward site, where users can get paid conducting online surveys, open emails, and many more. It is the U.K version of the well know Inbox Dollars. You can make an extra income from comfort of your home. If you are living in the UK and you want some extra money taking surveys, this is a great chance to make extra income. This is not an opportunity you want to procrastinate about or pass on for another day. You can easily make money participating in online surveys, searching the web or playing games.

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Different Ways to Earn Money

There are many ways to earn from Inbox Pounds if you are ready to pursue your targets. These variations give users a range of options, which is not experienced in rival companies in the industry. These unique forms of earning makes InboxPounds stand out as one of the best online methods of making money online. Here are the main methods:


Inbox Pounds is known for it’s wide range of offers. You can earn money by signing up to sites, especially for free trials. Some of the offers are entirely free, while others require you to enter your credit card details in order to start the free trial. The most common offers are worth between 20 and 22 pounds. Paid offers, on the other hand, are between 5 and 15 pounds. It is the easiest method to help gain the most cash. You should, however, be carefully conducting free trials.


There is an extensive list of surveys available on a daily basis. They come with an estimated time to complete, what the survey is about, and the money expected. You need to qualify for surveys before you can begin one. So beginning one does not necessarily mean you will complete and earn from it successfully. Most of them pay approximately 40 pounds and more.


The tasks are often relatively easy and will not take much time to finish. The payments are also generally low, while tasks vary. The most common tasks are putting lists into categories or providing feedback on website designs. Majority of the tasks give an average of between 3 and 10 pence, as they are simple, and can only take a minute to complete.


There is a search bar on the Inbox Pounds, which you can set as your default search engine. You will earn a pence for a couple of qualified searches. This means 0.15 pence a day for 30 searches. Remember that a qualifying search requires natural completion. If you complete 30 searches at a go, you may not earn money. In fact, you risk extermination

Paid Email

You will be earning 0.1 pence for each email received, to confirm the paid email. The email contains a link to another site. You may earn up to 20 pounds for signing up for the sit and expect 1 to 5 emails per day.


The games available do not give payments directly. Instead, they link you to GSN Cash Games. You will need to deposit real money into the account and compete with other rivals for more cash. If you want to play games, you can gain money from a fraction of your deposit, as you go along.

Who can join InboxPounds?

Anyone who has consistent access to the Internet 24/7 is eligible to work with InboxPounds.

Referral Program – Earn more money by inviting friends

Referring to your friends is another effective way to make money from Inbox Pounds. There are many avenues for sharing the information. For example, you can refer your friends through emails, banners, social media posts, or copies of the links around the web. This will earn you 10% of the earnings. It is the best way to generate extra income as you proceed to pursue the main source via surveys, for example.


• It is easy to sign up.
• Sign up bonus available
• A variety of tasks which you can get paid
• The minimum required is £20 to request a payment.


• Some surveys take too long to complete
• The support on the site is not consistent
• The geographic location is limited to U.K.

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